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The Travelling Table Road Trip

It started with a simple idea and gathered speed over the years; a road trip across America.

At first it was all about the romanticism of it. We were first year university students in a big city across the country from our hometown and the freedom we were experiencing made us into dreams. We pictured flying down empty roads in a vintage powder blue VW bug with faded headscarves in our hair and old school rock pumping from the tinny speakers. We would pull over to the dirt beside the pavement and take off our shoes, run through the prickly grass and fall laughing into the shade of a eucalyptus.

It’s a pretty picture and, honestly, we will probably be found doing that. But as the idea took hold, so too did practicalities and possibilities.

As a professional Baker and a food blogger, as someone who grew up in the States and another who is half-American, we have always been deeply intrigued by the cultural tapestry of the USA, specifically how each local food scene depicts something greater about the region itself. On May 1st we are donning our foodie anthropologist hats and setting out on a culinary road trip of America.

Why follow The Travelling Table?

We will be posting about our trip as we drive across the country, providing photo essays, restaurants reviews, local recipes, local haunts and interviews with various people in the food industry.

Who are we? 

Belle Cousins | The Travelling Table

Laura Belle Cousins

Professional chef/baker, local musician, criminology major… so either very well rounded or very undecided. An apple pie aficionado and proponent of singing and dancing in the kitchen, Laura Belle loves to explore all of Victoria’s little nooks and crannies- sometimes calling Gabrielle with news of the perfect new foodie discovery; sometimes calling for help in finding her way home. She has the most perfect sidekick in the world- Finnigan, prince dog- and with him at her side they seem to be on a single minded mission to befriend the entire city. Together, Laura Belle and Gabrielle own a Victoria, BC, based pie company called Oh Honey Pies!


Gabrielle Ciceri | The Travelling Table

Gabrielle Ciceri

Born in raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Gabrielle is the matriarch of a tight knit group of friends, and the creator of the popular food blog, The Laughing Table. A published author and obsessive hair twirler, Gabrielle devours novels almost as quickly as recipe books. She sets aside every summer to travel the world, has lived in both Quebec City and Paris, France, and, consequently, speaks French (almost) like a native. If she isn’t coaching her youth soccer and basketball teams or hosting a dinner party for her friends Gabrielle is hiding from them, indulging in marathon TV runs and compulsive creative writing.


If you are interested in meeting up with us when we drive through your city or you have any recommendations about must-sees, activities or eats, let us know!

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