Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits Will Shoot You Down

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits | The Travelling Table (1 of 1)

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits, the locally renowned pie shop in Logan’s Square, Chicago might kill you. If the buttery yet pillow soft biscuits don’t do it, then it will be the glorious candied bacon, or maybe even the flaky lard pie crust that you haven’t tasted since the childhood afternoons spent at your grandmother’s. Trust us when we say this though; the saying ‘death by chocolate’ should be changed to ‘by Bang Bang’.

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The charming neighborhood space has exposed brick walls, a hand chalked order board, wooden tables hosting chatting brunch friends and those enviable independents who read books or work diligently on laptops. The decor is simple and inviting so that people feel free to rest a while over their slice of pie and to chat for a minute with other patrons or servers. The staff move with impressive choreography, and owner/host Michael Ciapciak greets local and tourist alike with a warm and unhurried smile. Bang Bang’s aim is to create the feel of a classic neighborhood bakery and coffee shop, and their gracious hospitality fits the bill perfectly.

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While most bakeries utilize a ‘bakery case’ to display and chill their wares, Michael chose to eschew this tradition as, “there’s nothing more depressing than an empty bakery case,” which was first a common occurrence as they gained their rhythm after opening and is now sometimes the result of their incredible popularity. The lack of a bakery case means that they were still able to stay open and create relationships with customers. Bang Bang asks it’s costumers to trust them to make beautiful, flavorful food sight-unseen but they also give you no reason to doubt they are capable; the menu is unique and comforting with a variety of savory biscuit and sweet pie options, and Michael will most likely stop by your table to sincerely inquire after both your food and your day.

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Bang Bang Pie Shop is the culmination of three friend’s dreams and passions- Michael has a background in the hospitality industry of fine dining, Megan Miller in baking, and David Miller in coffee roasting. Together the three friends formed what was supposed to be a coffee shop that also served pie. They began serving biscuits to fill a hole in the menu options- worried that customers wouldn’t want pie for breakfast, the coffee shop needed a starchy alternative. And so the biscuits came to fruition and ultimately became the star of the show. Michael (now the sole owner) works closely with his culinary team to continually develop new flavor profiles.

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The biscuits themselves are the size of a man’s fist with a crisp brown exterior and a fluffy interior that melts in your mouth. The biscuit is vaguely on the sweet side, and was initially served with house-made jams, compotes, and butters but due to their unmitigated success they have expanded the options to make outstanding biscuit sandwiches. Savory chef Patrick Cloud explains that they are simply a different starchy medium. The sandwiches range from the classic sausage (a house-made ginger sage patty on a cheddar cheese bun), to the healthy (kale, broccoli flowers, cashew milk), to the divine (candied bacon and collard greens). We had a remarkable relationship with that bacon biscuit, and it is both ours and chef Patrick’s favorite choice.

If you can only eat at one place in Chicago, we recommend you make it Bang Bang Pie; not only will you get delicious food but you will experience the magnificent sense of community in the Logan Square neighbourhood of Chicago.

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