Brazil based Rider Sandals makes some of the most popular casual sandals available, and millions worldwide adore them. Thoughtfully designed and beautifully durable, Rider sandals and thongs are made to conform to your foot, cushion every step, and accommodate your natural gate. Riders are recyclable, and often end up as playground materials after they’ve been loved into retirement. They are made from 30% recyclable materials, while 99% of the industrial waste created in their manufacturing is recycled or reused.

deco de mode

Deco De Mode was established in Victoria, BC in 2006, and has since grown into a full-service salon that offers a complete nail salon, waxing bar, Lash Lounge, Skin and Body Care Centre, and more.  Deco de Mode is locally owned and operated, and is focused on contributing to a healthier state of beauty, working to create a beauty balance throughout. They believe that taking the time to focus on yourself, and to create a healthy self- image will in turn nurture your heart and your mind.

Soulful Sister

Soulful Sister makes aromatherapy products using 100% Natural, Organic and Free Trade ingredients, and only 100% Pure Essential Oils.  Locally owned and loved by Joanne Arnold of Victoria, BC, a Herbalist who is committed to making beautiful products free of parabens, SLS, and perfumes. It has grown into a fabulous company with over 50 retail stores carrying the Soulful Sister line, an online store and a vibrant online community.

Gold hair logo

Gold Hair Lounge is the newest incarnation of what has, for more than 70 years, been a hair salon. Like a phoenix from the flames, new owners Anna and Vancy have brought together a team of Victoria’s most talented stylists, paired them with proven products, and introduced a new gold level of service.
Situated on one of Victoria’s trendiest streets, Gold Hair Lounge is a high fashion, luxurious space, dedicated to making you look and feel like the precious commodity you are.  Trained by Bumble & Bumble and La Biosthetique and up to date on the latest trends and techniques, Gold experts will cater to your every hair need.


Chicago Food Planet Food Tours started in 2006, becoming the first Chicago food and culinary tour company dedicated to helping visitors and Chicago residents enjoy the best Chicago food and cultural experience off the beaten path. Besides tasting great Chicago specialty foods, the participants learn the history, culture, architecture and neighborhood entertainment and restaurant offerings. Their goal is for everyone to return to these neighborhoods with confidence and take advantage of the wide range of food and cultural options that they have to offer.



Frontiers International Travel is a full service travel company that specializes in fly fishing, bird shooting, wildlife photographic safaris, and leisure travel worldwide.Our company is broadly based and diversified with a varied product mix representing the best available for sophisticated travelers throughout the world. Frontiers remains recognized as preeminent in the special-interest travel business across the globe.


Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery is a historic, family operated Bourbon distillery in Nashville, Tennessee. Two brothers Charlie and Andy Nelson have resurrected their great great grandfather’s distillery with incredible historical accuracy, from the label designs to the very recipes for their delicious Tennessee bourbon. 


The Grey Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia is located in a beautifully restored Greyhound bus depot and offers the Southern inspired cuisine of Mashama Bailey. Owner John O. Morisano can be found in the restaurant each night ensuring that his guests have an amazing experience and the service is a wonderful compliment to the beautiful food.


Lyon Bakery provides French inspired breads to the Washington, DC metro area, Maryland, Virginia and Baltimore. Using as few automated processes as possible, and with great care and attention to detail, Lyon bakers use traditional methods of hand-molding their products.


Pearson Farm has (in our humble opinion) the best peaches and pecans in Georgia state. They have been growing peaches and pecans on the same land for over 100 years and have perfect the art of growing the perfect peach. Additionally, the produce they cannot sell, they reutilize into delicious hot sauces, cobblers and jams or donate to charity.


John Mueller Meat Co. is the home of John Mueller and the best (trust us!) BBQ in Texas. The descendant of a BBQ legend, and a legend in his own right as the father of the Austin Barbecue renaissance, John barbecues and cooks all of the delicious meats and sides himself, infusing them with passion and one-of-a-kind flavour at this picnic table eatery. 


Savannah Bee Company is home to the world’s finest honey and naturally luxurious health & beauty products. In addition to their quality honey, the company focuses on bee education with their Bee Cause Project and strives to highlight the importance of bees to the world’s agriculture and environment.

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